Equipping Ministry

Our equipping courses run locally at the rate of about 1 per month.  Most courses are a one day session.  The Encounter God retreat takes place over a Friday night and Saturday morning.  We welcome folks from other churches in the area who would like to participate (ie.- they are not exclusive to the regular LCFI folks).  Each course is run on a cost recovery basis only - ie. a nominal charge for workbooks, meals etc.  Here are a list of the courses at present

E1 - Foundations
Foundations of the Faith - Hebrews 6

E2 - The Encounter God Weekend
A life changing encounter with Jesus for freedom and healing

E3 - Touching Hearts
Understanding the Good News and how to share it

E4 - Ministry Skills
How to minister God’s grace to other people in the power of the Holy Spirit

E5 - Life and Doctrine
A basic theology course - God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Salvation, Sanctification etc

E6 - Cell Group Leadership
Small group Leadership training

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