Community Based Groups

Cells to us are more than life groups they are small missional communities of friends who gather weekly for fellowship, prayer, worship, life application of the scriptures and mission.  Each group is free to hear the Lord, find their passion for an area or group of people and to pursue their vision.  It is a place where friends are made, freedom is found, leaders are developed, and the church finds it's hands and feet in practical incarnational ministry.

Our cell ministry is developing, currently along the lines of homogeneous mens and womens groups.  Many churches focus on couples groups and we see a place for that, but at the present time our ministry is men with men and women with women.  Biblically there is definitely an injunction for the older women to teach the younger and similarly with the men.  Besides our cell groups most meetings are mixed men, ladies and children.  In our cells we encourage the young men and ladies (ie 12 and up) to attend an adult group.  We are finding that this is producing a rapid maturing.

We don't see our program as set in concrete, but it is developing.  Recently we introduced a self study passage related to the Sunday teaching which allows for folks who are attending the groupd to develop their own skills at bible study and personal application prior to discussing their findings and opinions within the group.  Our thought on this is that we want to teach God's people how to feed themselves, not just be fed. 

There is much more that we could say, but we have found that those who are engaged with others on a weekly basis in fellowship, worship, prayer, bible study and outreach ...these people grow fast in the Lord.

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