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Discussion Questions: June 11th Service
by Cathi Kennelly
God had another plan this past sunday in our service and He showed up and spoke in some amazing ways to people.  As a result we didn't get to have our group discussion.  Here are the questions from last Sunday for you to think about at home:

  1. Can you think of any activities that you know some of your fellow church members avoid that you believe are appropriate to participate in?  What should you do when you are around your friends who believe an activity is wrong but you think it is permitted? Stand for your liberty as a Christian? Be a hypocrite and pretend you don’t participate in that activity? What is your response in this situation?


  1. What does it mean that the kingdom of God is not ‘eating and drinking’? Which issues are more important? Why is it important to differentiate between surface issues and the essentials? If Christians divided over surface issues, how many churches would there be in the world?  What is a conviction? Are convictions good or bad? How can we “come up” with a conviction? What is the problem with a “convictionless” person? What is the importance of having your “own” conviction? What is the importance of having it “before God”?


  1. Have there been certain “freedoms” that I have participated in that have left me feeling uncomfortable afterwards (Romans 14:14)? Why have I felt uncomfortable? Have I violated my own conscience by participating in activities or choices that I did not believe were appropriate for me as a Christian? If I am not sure whether something is right or wrong should I do it (14:14, 23)? Why or why not?


  1. Have others expressed concern over the exercise of my Christian liberty (Romans 14:16)? If so, how did I respond to their comments? Do I regularly remind myself that God’s kingdom is more concerned with eternal things than external things? Could I be characterized as a person who pursues peace with the body of Christ (14:19)? Why or why not?


  1. What might it look like to be “approved by men” (Romans 14:18)? How can we successfully balance God’s approval and people’s approval (see Galatians 1:10)? How should those who have freedom in a particular area respond to those who do not have freedom (Romans 14:21-23)? Does “unity” mean that believers must come to the same opinions or convictions about everything (14:1, 5, 22)?


  1. Which is more important to me: the spiritual health of a fellow Christian, or enjoying my freedoms in front of one who may be stumbling? Am I so intent on doing my “own thing” that I am hurting the people around me? Am I showing consideration for those who may have an opinion different than my own? In what specific way(s) have I modeled a considerate spirit?