New Here
We want to welcome you into our community.  We understand God to be loving and desiring people to be in relationship with Him.  With this in mind, it is our desire that you find a place among us.  Our goal is to love you regardless of your past, regardless of your gender, your racial background or what you believe.  Our hope is that as you engage with us and God that He will challenge you right where you are and that you would come to know Him intimately.  

We might look a different than other churches you have been to.  

Firstly we don't have weekly corporate services.  We do meet once a month corporately to worship and learn together.  This also allows us to fellowship with our greater church community.  We also share a meal together on this sunday.  The balance of our sunday meetings are in smaller house church groups.  It is our belief that intimacy with God and each other happens more effectively in these smaller gatherings.  For more details on this see our calendar of events or email  

Secondly, our primary corporate teaching time happens on Tuesday with our Family Education night.  We invite you to bring your whole family and learn to know our God better together.  

Thirdly we have other events that go on throughout the year such as family camping weekends, seminars and celebrations.  Join our weekly email group or keep tabs on these through our Events page.

Thank you for looking into our community