Pastoral Leadership Team Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Since July of 2013, through the Lead Elder (Pastor) Kevin Kennelly’s illness and death London Christian Fellowship International (LCFI) has used a transitional leadership team comprised of Cathi Kennelly and Jason & Elisabeth Heffren with support from Chan Skalinder. During this period the team has earnestly sought the Lord’s direction for LCFI in regards to the vision for HIS church and with regards to the leadership structure. During this time the Lord impressed on the team the model of leadership called the Pastoral Leadership Team (PLT). This team would be comprised of Jason & Elisabeth Heffren and Jeremy & Katy Males. We wanted to share the following questions and answers with you.

1. What is the Pastoral Leadership Team?

LCFI’s Pastoral Leadership Team (PLT) consists of Jason & Elisabeth Heffren and Jeremy & Katy Males. Together, these individuals are responsible to lead the day-to-day operations and ministries
of LCFI. The PLT will meet regularly with the House Church pastors and other ministry leaders to discuss ministry direction, strategy and the overall health of LCFI.

2. How is a PLT model different from a more traditional, Sr. Pastor model of leadership?

In a Sr. Pastor leadership model, all day-to-day decisions are final with the Sr. Pastor. In LCFI’s PLT model, each of the PLT members has specific areas of responsibility in which he/she gives oversight and has authority to make decisions. We believe this model has the advantages of a built-in check and balance system and it prevents any one PLT member from being overwhelmed with administrative responsibilities.

3. Does the Bible prescribe a particular model of leadership?

While the New Testament does teach biblical principles for church government such as the pursuit of
unity, humility, a commitment to work through conflict, personal standards and the spiritual accountability of those who lead and teach, it does not prescribe only one particular model of leadership. The New Testament gives freedom to local churches to develop a specific leadership model within these guidelines.

4. What if the PLT disagree with each other on a particular decision?

All decisions regarding ministry direction and strategy must be unanimous within the PLT. In the case of a disagreement among PLT members, the PLT will pray and seek wise counsel and wait for a consensus before a final decision is made.

5. How is the PLT held accountable?

The PLT is accountable first of all to God, to each other and to the members of LCFI. The PTL is also accountable to a network of relating churches in Canada and many nations of the world.

6. Is any member of the PLT considered the Sr. Pastor?

No. Each member of the PLT shares an equal amount of responsibility and authority for leading LCFI.

8. I have a question about the Pastoral Leadership Team model.

You can email or call all of the PLT members at the following:




Jason Heffren 519-317-8522 Email Jason
Elisabeth Heffren 519-702-9919 Email Elisabeth
Jeremy Males 226-236-1830 Email Jeremy
Katy Males 226-236-4535 Email Katy