LCFI Equipping Seminars

Spiritual Foundations - Just as a good foundation is essential to building a house, it is essential to building a strong Christian life. The Spiritual Foundations seminar concentrate on providing the Biblical tools to build a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ and His body. (1 day)

The E
ncounter God Retreat - Many believers enter into God’s Kingdom, but continue to struggle spiritually and emotionally. The Encounter God Retreat is an intensive evening and day of guided heart work that provides opportunities for participants to open their hearts to Him for healing and restoration. (2 days)

Touching Hearts
- The Touching Hearts seminar provides tools to help Christians hear and respond to the heart-cry of people who need the assurance, love and purpose that living in Jesus provide. (1 day)

Ministry Skills
-Every Christian has the spiritual gifts and calling to minister to the heart needs of oth- ers. The Ministry Skills seminar is designed to help you learn how to care and pray effectively for others,and to discover the ways that Holy Spirit may have equipped each one for ministry. (1 day)

Spiritual Maturity
-  A mature Christian is firmly grounded in Biblical truth. The Spiritual Maturity seminar provides an in-depth look at the most essential Biblical concepts that lead to continuing spiritual maturity. (1 day)