Location and Facilities


Part of the vision of LCFI is to worship, learn and grow together.  Though we believe that church happens everyday of the week, we like other churches meet on sundays and unlike many churches we generally meetin on Sunday afternoons.  Most of these Sunday we meet at

Trinity Lutheran Church
746 Colborne St.
London, Ont

at 3:00 PM to worship and learn and fellowship together.  Here is our monthly Service Schedule:

1st Sunday-  Worship, Testimony, Teaching & Bring & Share Meal
2nd Sunday- Worship, Teaching & Fellowship
3rd Sunday-  Home Churches (email: jason@lcfi.org for details)
4th Sunday-  Worship, Teaching & Fellowship
5th Sunday-  Worship, Teaching & Fellowship
Check out our church calendar for locations and times of house church meetings and other LCFI Weekly events.

For the Sundays we are Trinity Here is what will happen:

2:30 PM Coffee and Tea and Fellowship

2:45 PM Pre Service Prayer

3:00 PM Service Starts
4:30 PM Service Ends