The Gospel

The gospel is the GOOD NEWS of what God has done for us, through Jesus Christ.

The Good News is:

Centered on Christ - Who He is and what He has done through the cross and resurrection

Based on the Bible - As the source of our understanding of God’s purposes to bring rebellious people into a place of peace with HimRooted in the nature of God - His actions are based on who He is - perfect love and perfect justice

Effective - Nothing more is needed other than Jesus’ death and resurrection in order to bridge the gap between God and the ones He created.

Historic - What Jesus did happened in history.  There were witnesses who reported it and recorded it.   In fact, if Jesus was not real, and if He did not die and rise again according to God’s plan, then the Christian faith is a sham.

Personal - Affects our lives at a personal level - each person needs to face, embrace and then live it out for themselves